Participation in the exhibition opens up many opportunities for manufacturers of textiles and light industry products:

You can find new customers
Meet with business partners
Expanding the contact base and increase sales in just 3days
Update information about competitors
Expand the geography of sales
Get an objective assessment of company’s product from well-known industry experts
Confirm your position and status in the industry market.

Exhibition sections

Machine tools and equipment for metalworking
Mechanical engineering, Robotics
Products of machine-building enterprises
Equipment and technologies for the production and installation of metal structures
Welding equipment
Power sources, tools and accessories for welding
Components, accessories and consumables for welding equipment
Materials for welding and related processes
Equipment for surface preparation
Equipment for quality control of welded joints
Equipment for quality control of welded joints
Welder overalls, personal protective equipment
Means of collective protection during welding, ventilation and filtering equipment

Palace of Sports. Baluan Sholak, Almaty, Abai Ave. 44